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Lake Cottage 2nd Story Addition & Remodel: Image

Lake Cottage 2nd Story Addition & Remodel

2020 - Grand Junction, MI

The Client approached us to design a 2nd story addition for their existing lake-front cottage located on a small lake in Southwestern Michigan.  They provided us with some inspiration images and program requirements for 3 new bedrooms and new bathroom in the new upstairs.  In addition the client wanted to replace the existing siding, windows, and existing deck.  The proposed solution takes the existing lake cottage reminiscent of minimalist "north woods" style, transforming it into a "craftsman" lake house.  New front entrance to the house will include a new covered porch and expanded deck.  Second story addition will only add 6 feet of total height compared to the previous building height.  This has a two-fold purpose; to keep the scale of the addition within context of the neighboring houses, and provides opportunities for multiple partial dormers and partially sloped roofs in new upstairs bedrooms.  The new second story is set back from the existing first floor exterior wall on the garage side.  This side of the house is usually the first part seen by visitors, and has potential to make a lasting impression.  To that purpose, we broke up the facade and created interest with new overhang roof, garage gable roof, and second story bedroom bay window projection.  The entire house will be re-clad with new fiber cement horizontal lap siding on first floor, vertical board and batten siding on second story, and shake style siding on few projections.  Numerous gable overhangs and roof eaves will have timber truss brackets keeping the "craftsman" style elements present.

Project Status - Pricing / Bidding / Permitting

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