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Bathroom Remodel

2019 - Frankfort, IL

The project consisted of redesign of existing suburban spec-house bathrooms into contemporary industrial "craftsman" style.  The goal was to update the bland style of a master bathroom and hallway bathroom to something more exciting.  With minimal upgrades, the existing vanity tops, water closets, and bathtubs remained unchanged.  New bronze faucets were installed, and the existing oak vanity was stained a deep brown-black color.  Towel bars and toilet paper holders were custom built from black steel pipes and distressed to enhance the look.  Subtle patterned wallpaper provided a rich texture background behind new wall mirrors with "hammered" look frames.  Top of existing vanity backsplash was covered with a custom built steel and wood shelf to help keep the vanity top clear.  Vanity lights were mounted on large distressed cedar board, which was stained a warm color to provide contrast to the steel and bronze elements.

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